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e7 Released on Newgrounds

Posted by JGames - August 17th, 2010

This is the day is goes public. Enjoy.


Comments (5)

Sorry my flash player is messing up at the moment. Have to re-download.

But from the reviews it sounds great. Nice one.


I love the physics, and the difficulty is just right. Pretty original, not something I have seen before. I love it.

I enjoyed your game immensely. Very well done. Took a while to beat as well so it's a well earnt 5

Here's my review since it's probably going to get pushed too far back too fast for you to read it. I worked hard on it :P


I shiver at the thought of writing all that code for the physics to work properly. It worked great. Though attacking was a bit difficult to do at times, for the most part it was good. The game did feel a bit empty though.

The story was very basic and unimaginative really. I knew that there was going to be some "the director is evil" thing going to happen right off the bat. I felt like there could've been more done with the story, rather than just falling into the same plot twist many games have done the past year. I wondered why an alien race would use the ionizing radiation symbol created by humans, or why they were mad at us in the first place. Was there some war that went on? How did we know about the E7 bomb? I would've like for that to be explored. I'm glad you didn't rather than just giving me some boring exposition text scroll though.

As I said, the attack for the most part was good. Once I got the hang of things, I was crushing baddies left and right. It seemed that I was only destroying the same 3 baddies though. More variety would've been nice.

The music sounded like it was on a very short loop, and got old quickly, along with the wind blowing. Other than that it was great quality and sounded nice.

Graphics are nice, but something about the bottom of the craft bugged me. It didn't seem all that real, if that makes sense. The glowing light didn't seem to be glowing. It looked just like a gradient color thrown on in there. Maybe if you had made the craft a movie clip and made the light pulsate with a subtle glow, it wouldn't have bothered me as much. The lasers are very very basic. I know that the alien homeworld is supposed to be this dark depressing place but the lasers are just weird. I would like for them to be a different color than most of the world.

Even though I have a lot of complaints, I still like this. It did have some basic mistakes like not having a replay button at the end of the credits, or a menu really, but it was a nice experiment. I would've liked for the story to be a bit more comprehensive and unique, but that is a lot easier said that done. Just remember, variety is the spice of life.

Rating: 8/10

Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Every kind of criticism and compliments help :).

can you make e7 2 becuse it's so good