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e7 Released on Newgrounds

2010-08-17 16:10:44 by JGames

This is the day is goes public. Enjoy.

Deep hits Newgrounds front page!

2009-10-06 18:39:14 by JGames

A month after release on Newgrounds 'Deep' finally finds it's home on the front page :D.

Oh and don't forget to join my facebook fan page. Become a fan :).

Deep hits Newgrounds front page!

Pwong 2!

2009-06-14 15:10:23 by JGames

Pwong 2 is out!

You can play it here: Pwong 2

I'll upload it to Newgrounds on monday.

Pwong 2!


2009-03-22 07:04:05 by JGames

Just released my new game "Pwong" two days ago. An epic remake of the classic pong game! Fast paced action fun to the max :).

Check it out: d=204



2009-01-01 05:43:56 by JGames

It's out!

Ever tried playing against yourself?
Go try it out now:

JGames launch!

2008-12-06 14:43:58 by JGames

Today I officially launched my game site jgames

Have fun :)

UFO Wars

2008-10-06 05:47:30 by JGames

I finnaly finished UFO Wars. Have fun!

UFO Wars


2008-07-27 21:06:32 by JGames